Muay Thai


My name is Tim

I have been involved with martial arts since the age of 18 dabbling in Wrestling, Jiu jitsu, and Kickboxing.

My true journey in the martial arts first began after discovering Muay Thai, it is an art that is both brutal and beautiful at the same time. I have great love for the art and it has given me much needed direction in life.

My technical skill, ability, and understanding of the art has grown immensely since I began training at Empire MMA under Achilles Meridis.

I currently have 3 years experience in Muay Thai. 6 months being at siam #1 where I received my blue shorts from Ajahn Suchart.

I plan on practicing and perfecting my art for the rest of my life. I aim to become a champion in the sport and conquer any fear or adversity that I may face.

I am a technician. I put much emphasis into strong basic technique. No fighter is great without strong basics and an understanding of there applications.

I aim to impart knowledge onto students from which they can then quickly gain insight into the art and progress much faster as a nak muay.