• Kimurawear Aspire Shin Guards


    The Japanese word KAIZEN translates into “Continual Improvement” which coincides our core values at Kimurawear.  Our ASPIRE™ KAIZEN Shin Guards will take the training of MMA, Boixng, Muay Thai, and Fitness enthusiast to the next level. Made of engineered leather, these durable shin guards are built to last during your fitness and or matial arts journey. If your ready to take things up a notch then grab a  Kimurawear® ASPIRE™ KAIZEN Shin Guards Head Gear

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  • Kimurawear Aspire Shin Guards (Kids)


    Kimurawear® ASPIRE™ Kids Shin Guards are great for kids who are starting out in combat sports training. Our ASPIRE™ Kids Shin Guards are ideal for all kinds of sparring training, including kickboxing, mma, muay thai and martial arts. Comes in two sizes: X-Small (Ages: 6-9), and Small (Ages:10-13).

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  • Kimurawear Women’s Aspire Shin Guards


    • Made of engineered leather, with reinforced seams for durability.
    • Perfectly curved molded fit allowing for maximum comfort & protection.
    • Neoprene lining throughout the backing and straps allow for the perfect fit.
    • Two hook and loop velcro straps on the back.
    • One size only: Small to Medium.

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