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We believe everybody should have the chance to train like an elite athlete
and our facility and instructors embody that paradigm


One of the most experienced and respected instructors. Kru Achilles combines his level 4 Muay Thai mastery and eclectic skill set with an elite level of strength and conditioning. As a fighter coach and mentor he is the bar by which all others must be measured.


A 2nd Degree BJJ Blackbelt with 20 years of experience. A co-founder of Karma Martial Arts he has instructed at some of the most respected academies in Toronto and has been privileged to train with some legendary figures in the arts. Kareem has studied in multiple disciplines such as Kali, JKD, Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and Kung Fu. A unique instructor with a strong grasp of philosophy Kareem encourages students to become individuals and find their own path with focus on the use of principal, technique and application.


Heroes Lightweight Champion

Patrick Connors Assistant instructor under Kareem El Sayers and Kru Achilles Meridis. Purple belt in Jiu Jitsu with 5 years experience. 4 plus years of Muay Thai / kickboxing. Experience competing in MMA Muay Thai Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Patrick strives to improve students technique and expand their arsenal. So their skill set will support their goals in any or all disciplines.


Training under Kru Achilles and Kareem for over 5 years, Adam is highly dedicated to life-long fitness and has adopted a Muay Thai style with a strong emphasis on technique.


Ryan has trained over 10 years in various martial arts specializing in Mauy Thai and boxing, he is currently competing in Mauy Thai and MMA. Ryan brings a unique and ever evolving perception of the fight science.


A Judo brown belt and BJJ Blue belt with 7 years experience in grappling martial arts. Started Training at Empire MMA 3 years ago with a focus on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Trough the tutelage of Professor Kareem El Sayed he has developed a teaching style that allows him to effectively impart the core principals of the art and its techniques to our students. He is also an avid competitor in both Judo and BJJ.


Junior instructor/Coach at Empire MMA

Started Training at Empire in April 2013, Jarred started to really focus on BJJ in late 2013. Jarred has always had a major interest in mixed martial arts from a young age. Small town kid from Manitoulin Island. Blue belt under Kareem El Sayed. BJJ competitor