Wrestling is the most important base to have as a mixed martial artist and at Empire Martial Arts, we will teach you the fundamental wrestling techniques that will serve as the building blocks in successfully subduing, dominating and overwhelming your opponents with explosive power, speed and intelligence.

Wrestling is one of the world’s oldest sports and it pre-dates Biblical times – it is the world’s most ancient combat sport that was practiced extensively by Roman, Greek, Persian and Egyptian civilizations to measure strength, courage and honour – a way to differentiate the strong from the weak. Despite being an ancient sport, wrestling is not only outdated and remains incredibly relevant to present-day mixed martial arts – it is the most important MMA base to have in and is seamlessly transferrable from wrestling mats to MMA fights.

Go to any mixed martial arts gym and ask a martial arts instructor, what is the most important mixed martial arts skill to have? Chances are, they will say that wrestling is the most important and foundational skill to have. Why? This is because of all the skills that a martial artist can depend on in a match, the ability to grapple is the most important tool available. If you look at the present-day world of mixed martial arts, oftentimes, the most successful fighters are those with a wrestling background. Being able to get your opponent to he ground and physically controlling them while grappling will allow you to dictate the flow of the match.

Empire Martial Arts wrestling will teach you how to use grappling techniques rooted in wrestling, such as clinch fighting, takedowns, joint-locks, pins and throws that will allow you to mount and dominate your opponent. Wrestling skills can be applied to when you are in a stand-up position or when you are on the ground grappling.