Muay Thai (Youth)

Mixed martial arts combines all of the fighting styles and martial arts disciplines into one – we help you master stand-up striking and ground grappling techniques.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a combination of multiple martial arts discipline and fighting techniques – such as boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling, karate, Brazilian jiu jitsu – which can be used freely and interchangeably during a fighting contest. A mixed martial artist can use a wide range of fighting techniques during various stages of a fight, from when they are standing/striking to when they are on the ground/grappling.

Mixed Martial Arts was founded on the question of what was the most effective fighting technique – where martial artists who were specialists in their disciplines, such as karate or judo or Brazilian jiu jitsu, would square-off against each other to prove that their fighting style was superior. These competitions were usually not regulated and would often be held in basements or local gyms. What was learned from this experience, however, was that the best fighters had to incorporate different fighting disciplines to be well-rounded, effective and balanced fighters.

While each aspect of mixed martial arts requires a fighter to be well-versed in various disciplines of martial arts, everybody has their strengths and strategy. The strikers or stand-up fighters, they want to control the distance and they want to keep their opponents on the outside so they can connect with their fists or legs, while the grapplers want to get inside and close, so they can tie up the body and takedown their opponent, so when they get to the ground, they can apply different submission holds.

At Empire MMA, our mixed martial arts classes will help you learn to become multidimensional and multifaceted mixed martial artists as we have instructors who are well-versed in a wide range of martial arts and have competed internationally. During our MMA fight night, you will have the opportunity to showcase your skill-set and what you have learned, and have the opportunity to compete with each other. We will teach various strategies and help bolster your MMA capabilities, as our classes help you learn how to:

  • Ground and Pound this is a strategy to get your opponent to the ground in a dominant position and try to pound him out.
  • Guard/Half-Guard – this is defensive and offensive ground fighting position where you are on your back, controlling your opponent with your legs and your arms, tying them up and going for a submission hold.
  • Clinch – A stand up fighting strategy, when two fighters close the distance to tie-up or lock-up.
  • Arm Bar  – The arm bar is a submission hold technique that uses the entire power of your body to attack one joint, the elbow.
  • Rear Naked Choke – A rear naked choke is a dominant position when you got control of the back, you throw your hooks in (arm under the chin) and squeeze and your opponent goes to sleep.
  • Takedown – Takedowns are the transition between striking and grappling – they can happen anytime and anywhere and are a critical part of any MMA class.

We do not only help you master MMA strategies and techniques, we help you improve your self-confidence, self-esteem and fitness; improve flexibility, coordination and reflexes; increase energy levels, reduce body fat and improve overall health; and develop social skills, reduce anxieties and learn humility and respect