Intense MMA Core Factory

Our Fit Factor Level 1 program is a more advanced-class of our signature Intense MMA Core Factory class – as we incorporate more plyometrics, combine strength conditioning and cardiovascular training, and challenge your muscles with cutting-edge exercises in an encouraging and positive-reinforcing group setting.

Empire MMA has brought a unique program called fit factory, which revolutionizes the way you workout by hybridizing both martial arts and fitness to make you stronger, faster and fitter than ever before. Our signature fitness program is for those who are serious about making incredible and life-altering transformations to your energy and fitness levels than the Fit Factory is the class to be in!  We constantly rotate between different exercises that target muscle groups and confuse your muscles so that your muscles are never “comfortable” and you can never plateau. This will lead to greater results, greater gains and greater stamina. We are always pushing boundaries in Fit Factory and we always make sure that it’s fun!

The results speak for themselves as normal, everyday people who step into our class, come from various backgrounds and various fitness levels (many who have not worked out in a long time!) and they walk out achieving amazing results. The Fit Factory, despite its intense workouts, are for everyone and are realistic and you can achieve great results if you come on a consistent level. Our instructors will work with you and encourage you when the going gets touch. We have a supportive community – all you have to do is show up and try your best!