Whether you want to compete or want to get in the best shape of your life, we will teach you the basics of boxing, from footwork to fundamental boxing punches which will sharpen your reflexes and your mental focus.

Boxing, or pugilism, is often referred to as “The Sweet Science” and for good reason – boxing is the art of being able to hit without getting hit, simultaneously. Striking this balance requires great technique and discipline as you have to utilize strength, reflexes, speed and will power. Learning the art of strategic attacking and defending with your fists provides you with the ability to strike in close quarters and from an arm’s reach to your opponent’s head and body. As one of the most widely practiced combat sports in the world, boxing allows you to perfect the art of throwing all kinds of punches – jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts – from all kind of angles to different parts of your opponent’s body. Boxing is all about being efficient with your strikes and being elusive with your movement.

In ancient Greece, boxers fought in the open air with no ropes, corners or rounds. Boxers were mystical and glorified figures, especially those who could prove their courage and endurance. In the 18th century, the padded gloves were introduced in London to make boxing more appealing and less violent . After the introduction of padded gloves, people of all classes, like noblemen and tradesmen were more drawn to the sport. The Queensberry rules of the 1700s gave humanitarian guidelines to the sport, such as no gouging, biting and wrestling. After the rules were standardized and regulated, Boxing gained rapid popularity in the United States and is now a staple of any mixed martial arts gym.

At Empire MMA, our boxing class will teach you to focus on punching techniques and combinations, help you sharpen your offensive and defensive skills (i.e. slipping, ducking) and improve your cardiovascular fitness. We not only help provide you with a great striking base that will add another dimension to your fighting skills but we:

  • Improve self-confidence, self-esteem and fitness
  • Improve flexibility, coordination and reflexes
  • Increase energy levels, reduce body fat and improve overall health
  • Develop social skills, reduce anxieties and learn humility and respect